Thanks to Ray Yates for taking the photo and Pigalle for modelling.

This is a part of London that nolonger properly exists.

As it was the longest bit of cobbled street in inner London it was used in loads of films, videos and the
like but more importantlythere was a really strong community of people that had housing association
flats just behind where Pigalle's stood.

For a while I lived on Ray's sofa while I was homeless, which I'll always appreciate. Now trains
pull up on a shiny new platform that's been built through what was Ray's neighbours' flats.Everybody was
paid off to buggar off and the twenty year long community was broken up... but I guess that's progress.

This photo also has relevance because it was while living on that sofa that I first started doing my print designs.

The photo? It was featured in long-running fetish magazine Skin Two... digital jiggery-pokery by my goodself.

...oh, I nearly forgot, this site is Cultural Treachery and I custom make badges custom to order.