A selection of press from my time in Camden Market.

It's not v'clear 'cause it was done deliberately roughly
as a background for my clothing's greatest hits catalogue but it features articles from Gay Times, Attitude,
QX, APN (that's quite a lot of gay magazines there but for a while I was flavour of the month with them)...
...oh and Blow, Skin Two, Ritual, Vogue and that's me bottom right in 1993 at a Sign of The Times
party, a photo that was featured in the Streetstyle book... apparently I was part of the "Supermarket of Style",
as that was the section it was in...

...and before anybody says it, I'm not a media whore. Well, only a little bit here and there.

Thanks to Gareth, my long suffering flatmate and Joe who were some of the models in the photos.

...oh, I nearly forgot, this site is Cultural Treachery and I custom make badges custom to order,
along with a selection of my own designs andsome by Vince Ray and Mister X