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25mm and 45mm badge comparison Back of mirror Keyring
Backs of 25mm and 45mm badges Back of fridge magnet

This page covers how to order everything, which is as simple as:

1) Design & email your artwork.
2) Pay online.
3) We post your order to you.

Just follow the instructions below.

You can use these instructions to order 25mm badges, 45mm badges, keyrings, mirror keyrings, fridge magnets, makeup mirrors and printed fabric badges.

We can also make badges using your fabric. Details on the Fabric badges page.

1) Design your artwork:
For badges, keyrings, fridge magnets and mirrors follow the instructions on the artwork page.

Jump to the following pages to find the artwork instructions for:
Badge Packs / Stickers.

If you're not computer literate we may be able to format your artwork for you, please email to ask. You can have up to 5 badge or sticker designs as standard, if you need more designs please email.

2) Send your artwork to me:
Email your designs to
Preferably as a JPEG/TIFF/flattened Photoshop file.

3) Choose how many badges, sticers etc you want:
And choose how many of each design. You can have up to 5 designs in each order, split into multiples of 20*. If you want more designs then email us.

4) Pay using the secure payment buttons:
These are on the Badge, Keyring, Fabric Badge etc pages and on the Prices & Paying page. Or you can send payment by post.

5) Receive your shiny new badges, stickers etc:
Normally within 7-14 days of us receiving finished artwork and payment.
If you need them more quickly please email.

Basically, just work your way down through this page.

If you have any questions please email us or visit the frequently asked questions (faq) page.

*How we split your designs

Orders of over 100 designs can be split into multiples of 20.
Which works like this:

100 badges with 5 designs could be split 20/20/20/20/20.
100 badges with
2 designs could be split 60/40 or 80/20 etc.

If you want more than 5 designs it's £3.00 per extra design. Please email me.


If it's your first time ordering, it might all seem a bit confusing.

Here are the answers to the main five questions we're asked.

1) How many designs can I have with my order?
Up to 5 as standard, more for £3.00 per extra design.

2) I'm stuck with my artwork, can you help?
Yes, probably. Email to ask.

3) How long will my order take?
7-14 days as standard but we can offer quick turnaround. Email to ask.

4) I'm confused by how I pay and order, what do I do?
Just go through the 5 simple steps at the top of this page.

5) Can I use different colours/images/photos/text in my design?
Yes, you can use whatever design you like.

There are other answers and more detail at our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. You'll also find the link at the top of all the pages.
If you want badges, stickers, keyrings, fridge magnets etc made using your own designs, we can custom make them for you.

The items we make include: Custom made
25mm badges, 45mm badges, stickers, 45mm keyrings, 25mm keyrings, 45mm fridge magnets, 25mm fridge magnets, makeup mirrors, printed fabric badges and fabric badges from your material.

We make badges for zines, badges for creative folk, badges for bands, badges for schools, badges for events, badges for exhibitions, badges for all kinds of folk.

We've made badges for Holly Golightly, badges for Radiohead, Bat For Lashes, Kings Have Long Arms, James Cauty (KLF/JAMMS), Erasure, for Vince Ray, Terry Edwards/Sartorial Records/Lydia Lunch, Trojan Records, Little White Lies Magazine and badges for Jeffrey Lewis...

Basically, we've made badges for all kinds of folk.